Throttle Syndicate's roots are in racing. Its what we do.
Therefore, we take great pride in our support program. If racing is also what you do, and you think you have what it takes to join the N-Style Team, then follow these steps...

1. Between September 1st and January 31st submit your
proposal to N-Style via fax, e-mail, or mail.
2. If you are accepted, you will receive your contract by mid November.
3. If you accept the terms of this contract, simply sign off and return it to us.
4. After we have received the contract back from you, we will ship out a sticker pack and a catalog.
5. Look through the catalog; find the part number for the graphics, seat, fender decals, backgrounds, numbers, and whatever else you need to give your bike the "factory" look.
6. Call or e-mail us here at N-Style.
We at N-Style hope all of our Team Riders a successful, injury free race season. Good luck and here's to a holeshot!