Throttle Syndicate 1st Annual Anniversary Ride Day

April 1st marked our 1 Year Anniversary so we decided we need to start an annual tradition and celebrate with a Ride Day. We are inviting 40 Winners to come join us for the day at Jett Reynolds private training facility Compound 79 in Bakersfield, CA on April 27th. You will have the opportunity to ride the same track that 3 of the fastest amateur racers in the world train on. We will provide you with good food, good drinks, and plenty of swag. All you have to do is get yourself there. Here is how you enter:
 1. Email us a video of you with your bike and tell us why we should pick you to come ride with us at Compound 79. Extra bonus points awarded if you have a Throttle Syndicate product on your bike, on your body, or you get creative with the video. 
 2. If you don’t like being in front of the camera go to and purchase any Throttle Syndicate product in our store from April 12th - April 21st and you will be entered into the drawing. 
 3. We will announce the winners on April 23rd.